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Sessions are conducted in my office in Amsterdam or via skype

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The corona virus challenges almost every aspect of our working lives. How to deal with the stress of changing work circumstances, uncertainty, communication with colleagues, leadership issues, pressure at home, loneliness.

I can help you with all these and many more work and career-related questions.  Short and powerful practical coaching is a possiblity, as is deep transformational coaching.

Coachings can take place in my quiet office in the centre of Amsterdam (if you do not have a cold, with the required distance), or via skype.

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Stress-related issues

Stress knows many origins. You might feel too responsible. Or you find it difficult to know and observe your limits. Maybe you are in a new leadership role. Emotionally draining work, high pressure or difficult colleagues and circumstances might add to your stress.

Whatever the reasons are: things can get better.

During the coaching sessions you learn how to deal with the issues at play. You create strategies to increase your resilience and bounce back. You explore what can be changed or developed, and how you can do that.

The combination of deep insights and practical tools results in you being much better equipped to deal with the world around you.

Career coaching

Maybe you never quite knew what you wanted. Maybe you realised just now that you want to make a career change. Whatever the situation, you feel uncertain and full of doubt.

During a series of talks and with the aid of special tests you will explore your personality. You will discover your talents, figure out what captivates and attracts you, and what you should avoid. You discover which work(settings) bring out the best in you. You will take  tangible and practical steps so you can actually reach your goal.

Result: You know what you want in your career, and you have the courage to realise it.

Supervision for coaches

Do you want to continually improve and deepen your professional practice?

Supervision is an excellent way to ensure that your clients get the best possible support from you. You reflect on your practice and your way of working. You discover blind spots and new possibilities. It strengthens you in what you are good at, and leads to learning in areas where you can grow.

Interested? Get in touch for an informational talk.

PS. As a supervisor I was trained at the Tavistock Institute in London.

Review of clients

After 5 years of a personally and professionally challenging situation, the latest transition in our organisation had a negative and disillusioning effect on me as a professional in my field. I started doubting the relevance of my work and professional judgement. I felt uncomfortable about who I were (first time in my 19 years career). The coaching helped me to overcome some of these frustrations and to regain my professional self-confidence. It helped to go out of the restraining circle of insecurity towards clearer, more sensible perceptions.

Impressie Coachingsruimte Gerny Coaching + Consluting

Before the coaching I felt really lost and unhappy with my work. I followed a career path in medicine for many years, but due to frustration I started questioning myself if I should go on. With the help of Alexandra I have learned a lot about myself, and about how to deal with situations at work that made me feel frustrated.  I don’t have doubts about my career path anymore, I feel motivated to go on and I know that I have resources to do so. And I am actually enjoying what I am doing!